Diary Dates 2008

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JULY 2008
Cert 3 Fitness Full time
Maximum 8 students

Cert 3 Fitness Part time
Maximum 8 students

Cert 4 Fitness Part time
Maximum 8 students

Online Study

Commence anytime
4- 6 weeks duration
Individual units available

CPR and level 1 held on the first day of level 2.

Level 2 dates
June 5, 11, 16, 21
July 2, 12, 22

Level 2 commences
9 am - 4.30 am
Study a 1 day course with home study or
2 days consecutive study face to face 

June 4, 14, 27
July 16, 31
Food hygiene 
June 7, 13, 25
July 9, 26, 30


Phone: 95637222     

Mobile: 0412656837

9a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday - Friday

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Hospitality -hygiene for food handlers and food supervisors 


Course Description
This is the nationally accredited course - THHGSO1. New legislation demands that all food handlers know about Good Hygiene Practices and that all registered food premises have a Food Safety Plan by their compliance date.

The owners of food businesses are responsible for ensuring that staff who handle food or who supervise this work have the skills and knowledge they need to handle food safely. In Victoria every food business must have a food safety supervisor from the 1st July 2002. A food safety supervisor is a person that holds the qualification Implementation of food safety procedures THHBCC11B.

Topics include

Food Handling
Personal hygiene
Food hygiene
Food Safety
Environmental Health

Food Supervisor
Personal hygiene
Food hygiene
Food Safety
Environmental Health
Hazard analysis and critical control points
Supervisor responsibilities

Qualifications and Recognition
Certification to get food premise registration with local councils.

Vocational Outcomes
Bar attendant, food and beverage attendant, waiter, chef, food operator, food manufacturer, food wholesaler or retailer.

Who can Apply?
Anyone who wishes to gain employment in the Hospitality industry.

How to Apply
Contact the office or download an application here.

Course Length and Cost
Food Handling 4 hours - $80

Food Supervisor 5 hours - 110

Written test.




Responsible Serving Alcohol
The Grapevine newsletter Looking to stay on top of the latest issues in the liquor licensing industry?

Refresher Course 
The RSA Refresher Course provides the opportunity, for those who have previously completed a RSA Workshop, to update their knowledge on responsible serving practices. The Refresher Course will be regularly updated to ensure that it remains current.

Upon successful completion of the Refresher Course you will receive a Letter of Acknowledgement which should be attached to the previously obtained "Responsible Serving of Alcohol" Certificate as evidence that you have continued to up date your knowledge.